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Centre for Entrepreneurship Henley Business School

by Stuart L. Morris J.P.
  • Thank you so much for your lecture this afternoon. It really was a fantastic way to round out the course. The feedback I'm getting from the students already is incredibly positive. You have touched lives.


by Ms Alomgit
  • Your workshop actually gave me the understanding, that there is room for business-doing from a broader point of view over life, and for the unwritten broader rules of universe). up until now i just felt that i am "differnt", and cannot comply with my surrounding.

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English Lit Henley

by Behrooz Soltanian PhD
  • I was in your lecture yesterday: I had lumps in my throat as you grew emotional during the speech. And yes I am a man but I find it just human to feel like that. It was a truly moving lecture and so much like and unlike other lectures delivered by other guest speakers. Like them because it was to encourage the young to be ambitious and not to give up; and so much unlike them because it chose to target initially the heart and then the mind of the audience. It worked; well, it worked for me. You said you are happy if your presence can change the life of at least one; well it can bring change to mine. However as I know you have a lot to do I'll only bring it to your attention if you think you want to hear about it. Thank you again for the very sincere lecture you delivered yesterday.

Many thanks for coming over to speak at the Workshop. It meant a lot to me and I was happy to see how you've sparkled other people's hearts. I'm forwarding to you some of their comments written down later in the evaluation forms. Yet the energy level you’ve raised with your speech cannot be put in words – it needs to be felt, and I'm sure you felt it and hope that was a rewarding experience for you.

Youth Coaches

  • "A very charismatic person"
  • "Very human, creative and stimulating"
  • "Concrete, light, inspiring, woman’s reactions and lifestyle"
  • "I am absolutely astonished. We shared our contacts and I hope she will come to do workshop for Roma youth in Slovakia, she said it was possible"

Youth Delegates

  • "A stimulating story"
  • "I learned very good things about life"
  • "I have learned how to love myself"
  • "She's able to talk about business and also move hearts"
  • "My favourite. Her story is similar to mine"
  • "One of the most inspiring people that I’ve ever met"
  • "I became more optimistic and more motivated to believe in myself"
  • "Madi was real"

Dr. Tetiana Katsbert - YEPP Programme Officer Internationale Akademie (INA) gGmbH an der Freien Universität Berlin Institute of Community Education Youth Empowerment Partnership Programme (YEPP)

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