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Extraordinary Education - Business Model

The Opportunity

Find a penny, pick it up, all day long it will bring you luck!
Do we make our own luck?

Here's the challenge:

  1. Go out into the street, on a beach, anywhere.... Look on the floor and find a penny
    • Goal 1 achieved – your eyes are now open for opportunities
    • Goal 2 achieved – you are making the first steps to widening your horizons
  2. Want to start your own business and risk that penny?
    • Goal 3 achieved – you are willing to invest in your future and you know you have talent
    • Goal 4 achieved – you know you want to be in control of your future
  3. Bring your penny with you and come and join the "1p entrepreneurs"
    • Goal 5 achieved - you are prepared to take a risk
    • Goal 6 achieved – you are willing to learning from others who have DONE IT!
  4. The "1p entrepreneurs" go through the Extraordinary Education™ fast and dynamic learning course. The series of practical work programmes extends capabilities, skills and self confidence. Whether you have your own business idea, invention, service or theory, or even if you haven’t got a clue but know you want to be aware of the opportunities open to you... then this is for you
    • Goal 7 achieved – Learning through doing (without business school qualifications!).
    • Goal 8 achieved – Self confidence, creativity and knowledge improved through trial and error with continual analysis.
    • Goal 9 achieved – practical experience will give you the insight into the rewards and risks of business, and the awareness of whether or not it is for you, and how you can take the skills you've learnt into employment opportunities.
  5. The Extraordinary Educationt™ model can be used for any business at any time and will act as a foundation for future career development or entrepreneurship.... "The world is your oyster" - you are now aware of the opportunities, know you have the abilities to seize those opportunities and have the self belief to face the challenges along the way.
    • Goal 10 achieved – Someone gave you the opportunity to prove yourself and the only investment needed was YOU and a "free 1p"

The Risk

Firstly, the risk is all ours. This Extraordinary Education™ model has been created to develop the creativity, ability and self belief of an individual... and as entrepreneurs "there is no such thing as failure", therefore we know we will succeed in our goal!

The model is simplistic in implementation and use. It mimics the initial stages of all small businesses and entrepreneurs with the reinforcement of practical knowledge and examples... and REAL business know-how!

Entrepreneurs and extraordinary people are successful because of the people who believe in them – the financiers, the suppliers, the customers, the community, friends and family. It is a simple message, "people buy from people", whatever the product!

At Extraordinary Education™ we believe in Extraordinary People – those individuals who want to take control of their own future - Those who will seize the opportunities and rise to the challenges. So we are prepared to support those people in achieving their goals – to help us achieve ours

Extraordinary Education™ will develop creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and open-mindedness in society by encouraging everyone to explore a real business of their own. The objective is to create a "can-do" attitude within a fun environment, helping individuals to be more confident, communicative and be prepared for the global challenges, whilst recognising and taking advantage of the opportunities available to them whether in their chosen career or in their own enterprise. Hence.

Extraordinary Education™ gives Extraordinary People the tools to achieve their goals™

Yes, we are, like you, extraordinary people, dedicated to sharing the tools of success in a hope that one day some of the most challenging issues facing our planet can be overcome. Poverty alleviation, resource depletion, renewable energy provision, access to clean water will all be solved through innovation and new ways of working. This is entrepreneurship.

Who are we? Most of us are entrepreneurs, real ones, who want to share what we have learnt and how we have done it with others, so that they can have the knowledge to also have a go.

Additionally, there are real academics amongst us, teachers and professors who know what works in education. Some of us are international diplomats and very aware of the global challenges to be addressed. This is a tried and tested model both in the business world and in the classroom, so we know it works. It is also unique, in that it does not require business plans or set lessons. It is exactly how we as entrepreneurs have built our businesses, some of us with no resources, many of us more than one business.

We accept that we are not teachers, but we also recognise that teachers, whilst very resourceful, may struggle to comprehend the mindset of an entrepreneur and the actual functioning of business. So we present to the teacher a fully flexible model which does not dictate but guides you through our world.

The Action - How It Works

Business and entrepreneurship cannot be taught, it can only be "practiced". So...

The "free1" purchases a product and takes an individual or team through a series of modules and real life practical experiences, assessments, risks and a new learning curve. From 1 product, to two products, five, ten, twenty, fifty and eventually one hundred products and an ever expanding creation of wealth in terms of capital, knowledge and self confidence. Constant monitoring and evaluation demonstrates this development at all stages, justifying the investment in time but the individuals and project capital by the stakeholders.

Finally, the teams or individuals will have a choice... Invest their own capital, the wealth they have created, in their own business... Or they can keep the money and walk away !!!

  • They will have acquired the knowledge to start small and grow the resources and product lines.
  • The experience will have been gained to know which sales techniques work and which ones don't
  • The practical familiarity will now dispel the apprehension to take on new challenges
  • The self confidence now provides a "can do" attitude
  • The self belief is there to know how to manage the risk and take the opportunity

This model can be used with products supplied by Extraordinary Education™, or with the entrepreneurs own products, designs or services. It can be done in teams, in communities, as individuals, for men, women or students from 5 – 105! Entrepreneurship has no barriers... the opportunities are available for everyone.

As soon as the individual brings their "free 1p", their opportunities begin, and they work through a series of very simple lessons and practical business experiences. The course is focussed on learning through doing, gaining experience and knowledge of what works and what can be adjusted to make it work. How to maximise profit, minimise loss and overheads, balance the books and develop a sustainable business are all covered alongside team building and human resources, taxes, registering companies and corporate social responsibility.

This course can be used where numeracy and literacy skills have yet to be developed, where classroom curriculum education does not stimulate or where practical experience adds relevance to the learning process.

The course is flexible to be tailored to any timetable slots from a full 5 days, over several weeks or as part of business studies over a 2 year curriculum. Additionally half day and full day motivation sessions are also available.

The course designers are REAL entrepreneurs and academics and recognise the requirement in today’s world for economic, social and environmental sustainability through the creation of extraordinary people, hence they have provided the tools to ensure that:

Extraordinary Education" will develop creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and open-mindedness in society by encouraging everyone to explore a real business of their own.

The objective is to create a "can-do" attitude within a fun environment, helping individuals to be more confident, communicative and be prepared for the global challenges, whilst recognising and taking advantage of the opportunities available to them whether in their chosen career or in their own enterprise

The Extraordinary Education™ proposal reflects the desire of a group of serial entrepreneurs to create a culture conducive to entrepreneurial sustainability, who's objectives, like those of many global government's, specifically include the desire to increase the number of entrepreneurs globally from the 4% often quoted.

Extraordinary Education™ knows this can be done by implementing a culture shift through the empowerment of young people and communities using an education model that can be adapted to different teaching styles, age groups, regional opportunities and ever changing global trends.

Extraordinary Education™ provides a model which brings the real "entrepreneurial experience" into the classroom to develop the full benefit of an enterprise culture.

These objectives will only be achieved with the support of key stakeholders who like us genuinely want to make local and ultimately global changes.

For any further information and to register the next generation of 1p entrepreneurs...

Extraordinary Education gives Extraordinary People
the tools to achieve their goals

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