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Extraordinary Education

Extraordinary Education™ will develop creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and open-mindedness in society by encouraging everyone to explore a real business of their own. The objective is to create a "can-do" attitude within a fun environment, helping individuals to be more confident, communicative and be prepared for the global challenges, whilst recognising and taking advantage of the opportunities available to them whether in their chosen career or in their own enterprise.

Ever increasing globalisation requires an expanding workforce with appropriate skills leading to innovation and creativity coupled with experience. The most important resource of any country is its people and the maximization of their potential, through transformed mindsets, and it is essential for the successful development of an economy.

There is currently, globally , an obsession with “education” amongst policy makers. It is seen as a key to economic survival by both rich and developing nations. However, it is important to understand the kind of education system that is needed, how relevant the chosen system is to a nation and what impact the teachings will have on future generations and the growth and stability of a country.

There are radical differences between national education models, the teaching and the training structures. Cultural differences mean the application of the learning, parental and society pressures affect the final performance of the student. All this is highlighted in recent OECD ( Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) reports.

Most policy makers reviewing their current education systems have two things in common, they want to make education more creative and more globally and locally relevant. In other words how can they maximize the investment in human capital to benefit the productivity of the next generation and the development of the country, whilst additionally considering sustainability.

Extraordinary Education™ is an organisation which brings together a unique group of successful business leaders, entrepreneurs, and outstanding academics. Based on the knowledge and experience of the team, individual and unique solutions to workplace dynamics ensures that an appropriate workforce is in place to meet the ever increasing demands of global competition and challenges that are present at both Government and company level.

We are, like you, extraordinary people, dedicated to sharing the tools of success in a hope that one day some of the most challenging issues facing our planet can be overcome. Poverty alleviation, resource depletion, renewable energy provision, access to clean water will all be solved through innovation and new ways of working... This is entrepreneurship.

Extraordinary Education Gives Extraordinary People the tools to achieve their goals™

Why Entrepreneurship?

Is it for me, my school, my community, my economy?

Entrepreneurship is a tool or mechanism that can be used to open the minds of individuals and organisations. It is the added-value of Creativity and Innovation which focuses on investing in human capital by enhancing and fostering the can-do attitude. It is not only business start-ups, SMEs, the profit and social enterprise sectors. Entrepreneurship is ‘an individual’s ability to turn Ideas into Action’ and its value to society cannot be underestimated or dismissed.

  • Entrepreneurship includes:
  • • Creativity, innovation and risk taking
  • • Ability to plan and manage projects in order to achieve objectives
  • • Support in daily life at home and in society
  • • Employees being aware of the context of their work
  • • Being able to seize opportunities
  • • A foundation for more specific skills and knowledge needed in establishing social or commercial activity

To address the challenges of unemployment, poverty, inequality, globalisation and climate change the benefits of entrepreneurship must be shared, with Ideas being turned into Actions.

The economies, the wealth creation, the employment markets and the future of the planet reside in the hands of entrepreneurs – those capable, innovative, driven individuals and organisations that can effect change and make things happen.

Extraordinary Education™ is a member of:

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Extraordinary Education gives Extraordinary People
the tools to achieve their goals

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