Extraordinary Education will develop creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and open-mindedness in society by encouraging everyone to explore a real business of their own. The objective is to create a "can-do" attitude within a fun environment, helping individuals to be more confident, communicative and be prepared for the global challenges, whilst recognising and taking advantage of the opportunities available to them whether in their chosen career or in their own enterprise.

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Why Entrepreneurship

To address the challenges of unemployment, poverty, inequality, globalisation and climate change the benefits of entrepreneurship must be shared, with Ideas being turned into Actions.

The economies, the wealth creation, the employment markets and the future of the planet reside in the hands of entrepreneurs - those capable, innovative, driven individuals and organisations that can effect change and make things happen

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Extraordinary Educationaims are to bring business into education, highlighting the opportunities offered by entrepreneurship and self-employment, using a real business model as an up-to-date and relevant case study.

Extraordinary Educationprogramme can be done in teams, in communities, as individuals, for men, women or students from the age of 5 to 105!

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Extraordinary Education gives Extraordinary People
the tools to achieve their goals

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